Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's sad, I know, but I LOVE IT!!!!!

Last Thanksgiving all I heard about was "Twilight" "Twilight" "Twilight" & how everyone was sooo excited to see the movie. I cared very little for the phenomenon, so I tried very hard not to get sucked into it's ever expanding grasp. Let's face it, this kind of story was for tweeners & goth freaks, right?

So, I broke down & read the stupid book & within a week had finished the series. Now I am very addicted to vampires & all things supernatural as told by Stephanie Meyer. I know, it's sad, but I LOVE IT!!!!!! The books were mesmerizing. I can see why some many people of all ages got swept away by Bella & Edward & their tale of seemingly impossible love.

Why did I begin this post about "Twilight"? Well, as I got addicted to the books, I am now addicted to seeing the movies. Yes, dear fans, I am a Twi-hard. Well, I am not about hop on a plane to the Pacific Northwest to see Forks & Bella's beaten up red truck in the town square (although I must admit I have always wanted to sight see in that region of the country & if my journey one day brings me there then so be it!)

Just as I love "Twilight" & even the dark amateurish movie that they made to satiate the Cullen thirsty fans, I now love the 2nd movie in the series "New Moon". This was not my favorite of the books by any means but the story has to take this turn & as a fan of the missteps & hardships these characters have to endure to finally end up where they do at the end of the saga then I say, with full force and tremendous gusto, "

For those of you that don't understand the series, I will go into very small detail. Edward is a vampire. Bella is his human girlfriend who he cannot live without but thirsts after her blood like his own form of heroine. They desperately long to be together & have to endure lots of obstacles...including a sadistic vampire who wants to kill Bella.

Moving on to "New Moon"...the story picks up where we left off...Bella & Edward seemingly normal (as normal as vamps can be) in love & happy. But Bella is afraid that her "humanness" will prevent them from being together. She ages with every day & as her birthday looms over her head she fears the thing all of us women do (although usually much later in life) Growing Old.

Jump ahead to a small incident with Edward's vampire brother & we find Edward & Bella in the woods by her house. He leaves her. He leaves her alone. He leaves her broken. He leaves her vulnerable. & he leaves her nothing...not even a trace of himself behind for her to hold onto. So, she befriends Jacob Black to take her mind off of her pain. He's a younger long-haired Indian boy who obviously wants Bella to "like" him in that Oh-So-Special way that make me blush...& when Jacob cuts his hair & takes off his shirt I pant like a puma in the heat of the night. But like any great hottie we pine after...he has a howler of a secret.

The visual difference between the first film & this one is vast in my opinion. The light makes the world a little brighter in Forks & the CGI with the wolves makes things more exciting and sophisticated. It's amazing what computers can do. You almost forget that the wolves aren't real! The scenery seemed a little off but appropriate ( i don't think they filmed on location in Washington but in Canada?maybe?) The film seemed more polished...not as grainy & unsure of itself.

Kristen Stewart portrays our heroine Bella. Her film version of the character is dead on in some scenes & yet the choices she makes in others make me yurn for the Bella Swan that Stephanie Meyer created. She is clumsy, awkward, beautiful, unsure, confident in her love, & strong willed without being pigheaded or cruel.

Now let's discuss the new vampires...the creepy Volturri. Pale skin, red eyes, & a very "Interview With a Vampire" quality...they seem like people Lestat would have been chummy with. Choices for casting were very appropriate. I even dug the fact that the once innocent & bright sunshine star Dakota Fanning was cast as Jane...one of the most evil & dangerous of the Volutrri Guard.

Now let's talk about Jake & his secret...his very furry secret. He's a werewolf. Yup, Bella attracts all things legendary whether she knows it or not! The disappointment I have about the wolfpack...in the book, in their human form, the boys are supposed to be growing at an enormous rate. Standing over 6 feet tall & broad muscle loaded almost supernatural in themselves, transforming into the extra large wolves that could be mistaken for bears. They loom over anyone in their path. In the film they are a bunch of toned yet seemingly scrawny shirtless wonders who cant control their temper. Almost a small disappointment to those of us who are expecting these larger than life giant man-boys who can rip out of their clothes & shift into another furry form.

I can't wait to see the next film...it was quite possibly my favorite of all 3 books. The torment between Jacob & Edward fighting over their Bella in the middle. The danger having a wolfpack down the road presents to the Vamps on the far edge of town. & the return of the fiery redheaded nemesis who threatens the already unstable world these beloved characters live in..."Eclipse"

The Twilight Saga : New Moon
Directed by: Chris Weitz
Written By: Melissa Rosenberg based on the nove by Stephanie Meyer
Opened on : November 20, 2009

Kristen Stewart - Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson - Edward Cullen
Taylor Lautner - Jacob Black

Viewed On : 11/22/09 with Monica, Heather, & Michelle (GNO)
Viewed On : 12/13/09 with Monica & Michelle (for the fun of it...once again)
Recommendation: I saw it twice in the theater, I own the dvd, I have read the book at least 4 times...if you are a twi-hard you will love it.

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