Monday, January 11, 2010

Franscios Dillenger is the new devil on my shoulder

If I invented another personality to help me create chaos & destruction, Franscois Dillinger would be a perfect choice! He's foreign(ish), smokes like he's trapped in a french film, dresses like he believes they would in the south of France in the 50s, wears a fantastic mustache, & cares not for anything other than blowing shit up, causing trouble, & getting laid. If he wasn't a figment of Nick Twisp's imagination, he'd be someone we would all like to take to Vegas with us for a debaucherous weekend.

Youth In Revolt stars Michael Cera as Nick Twisp, a nerdy 16 year old virgin who has nothing to look forward to except getting out of his mother's house and away from her mistake of a boyfriend. But things change while on a vacation...he meets Sheeni, a blond haired reason for him to give up everything in order to make her his leading lady. He devises a plan to live closer to her so they can be together but in order to carry out this act to be with his love he needs to be a little bad. Enter Franscois Dillinger.

Franscois is Nick's alter ego...a figment of his imagination who helps him to burn, damage,say what he wants, & basically carry out his ingenious plan to get kicked out of his town so he can live near his love.

The quick witted humor & overintellectual references that Sheeni & Nick remind me that this is not your typical teenage romance. She longs for french private school. What Teenager wants to go to a private school where they only speak French? Most teenage romance/comedy flicks are all about the t&a jokes but this one...oh no...not this one. It's like a sick joke.

The story may be a little far fetched and the hi jinx that Nick gets into are a little overdramatized (it wouldn't be a Hollywood flick if it wasn't) but it had a very nice charm to it. & the extra added bonus of claymation was a nice twist. Think rebel indie flick meets industry comedy. If you want to go and just laugh you may need to work a little harder than that to keep up. This ain't now "Hangover"!!! And boy am I glad for that!

Youth In Revolt
Directed By : Miguel Arteta
Written By: Gustin Nash based on the novel by C.D. Payne
Opened on : January 8, 2010

Michael Cera - Nick Twisp / Franscois Dillinger
Portia Doubleday - Sheeni Saunders
Jean Smart - Estelle Twsip
Zach Galifianakis - Jerry
Steve Buscemi - George Twisp
Fred Willard - Mr. Ferguson
Ray Liotta - Lance Wescott
Justin Long - Paul Saunders

Viewed on : 01/10/2010
Viewed With : Monica
Recommendation: It was funny and intelligent but I probably wont see it again until it comes out on HBO.

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