Monday, February 1, 2010

Nancy Meyer & the extroirdinary older generatiom

"It's Complicated" is a story of two people who are facing the next phase in their life. One of their children is going off to college, another is graduating college, & the third is engaged & getting married. This is the time for most couples to spend time together...take vacations...renovate their home...figure out who they are as a couple without the distraction of raising a family. And that's exactly what Jane and Jake are doing. Except they are divorced.

On the night of their son's graduation they find themselves together again...without all of those distractions and they rediscover each other. But is it just their comfortable chemistry they have always had or is it something new?! And here our story begins...

There are no words to describe how much I respect and admire the talent of legendary actor & 2 time Academy Award winning extroirdinaire Meryl Streep. She is phenominal. She takes every role and immerses herself in the world of that character so that the audience comletely falls in love with whoever she becomes. And she truely does become each woman she plays. Jane is a smart, lovely older woman who raised 3 kids, studied cooking in Paris and now finds herself as the uncomfortable divorcee who is starting over (or again). And as a side note...I stole her credit card once. Well, not really but I was working at a store in CT (she has a house in Litchfield County) and she came in with her 2 daughters. I was the one who rang them up at the register and she couldn't have been nicer. As a theater major, it was somewhat overwhelming to have her standing in front of me but I kept my cool and treated her like any other lady buying bras & panties (can you guess where I worked for 9 years?!?) But she forgot her credit card on the counter...I tell people I stole it but really i was just too starstruck to realize until after she left and I could compose myself to use the power of speech.

Enough cannot be said about Alec Baldwin. He is sexy, confident, a comlete dog but loveable and beautiful as Jane's ex-husband. His comedic timeing cannot be matched and as an actor the greatest gift you can give your audience is your honesty shining out from the screen. One thing Alec Baldwin has is his honesty to his characters.

And the beloved supporting role of Adam the-architect-turned-love-interest is played by the legendary Steve Martin. I swear no one can pull off a sweet even tempered doofus quite like him.

If I am being honest I thought the story so modern it is dated. I am not sure if any of you will know what I am trying to express but sometimes a classic love story becomes a classic because it can be viewed by any generation and adored wether it has just come out in the theater or has had 30 years between showings. This movie is about real life now as we live it but follows trends and fads that will give it the "cheese" factor later.

I did laugh at a lot. The scene where they get stoned and go to the party is amazing! But I didn't feel like the movie spoke to me in most ways. I guess there really is a generation gap with this genre...Nancy Meyer cast the right individuals to play the roles but I left the theater not being able to really relate to much.

Title: It's Complicated
Directed By: Nancy Meyer
Written By: Nancy Meyer
Opened On: December 25, 2009

Meryl Streep Jane
Alec Baldwin Jake
Steve Martin Adam

Viewed On: 01/26/10
Viewed With: Monica
Recommendation: For me I liked it allright but would not see again in the theater, would maybe rent it on dvd or turn it on when it comes out on HBO but definitely would not seek it out or own a copy.

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