Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rogue Spies, Car Chases, Gun Fights & Couch Jumping Tom Cruise

I don't pretend to know what the majority of the population is thinking. I am in constant surprise and amazement at what you people like and/or dislike but this is MY blog and therefore my opinion is the one that counts here. There has been an ugly thing or two said about Tom Cruise in the media over the last few years. And who knows what is true and what is false. I guess only those closest to him know if he keeps Katie Holmes chained to a chair in the basement or if he is planning on taking over the world for his alien buddies with his religion, Scientology but as far as I am concerned, Tom Cruise is an actor. And he goes out there and does his job...he entertains me. Immensely.

Knight and Day is an Action/Comedy about a seemingly rogue agent who gets thrown together with an innocent bystander and tries to save the world from his evil ex-partner. Throw in a little love interest/attraction and you've got yourself something for everyone. It stars Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard, the brother from Little Miss Sunshine, and a whole bunch of bad guys that die.

I liked it a lot. Of course there were a few action sequences that were completely unrealistic but that's the point of a summer action flick right? To WOW you with things that are almost impossible for the average human being...but Tom is no average guy. For a older man...he still looks mouthwatering with his shirt off. And I found Cameron Diaz to be NOT annoying. Sometimes she can seem a little over the she's trying too hard to be charming or bad ass depending on the movie but her character achieved both charm and badassedness without having to work at it. Their chemistry was great!

Think Jerry Maguire meets Mission Impossible for Tom Cruise...he's calm cool collected under pressure and looks like he'll rip any guys head off that looks the wrong way at him but he's funny, sweet, charming, and sexy...even though he's short and would probably only reach my armpit he's still sexy. Cameron is more There's Something About Mary meets Charlies Angels. Lovable and funny and another rockin bikini bod...although she has no boobs. I mean none...

Mindless, entertaining, action packed, funny and worth 2 hours.

Knight and Day
Directed By: James Mangold
Written By: Patrick O'Neil
Opened On: June 23, 2010

Tom Cruise Roy
Cameron Diaz June
Peter Sarsgaard Fitzgerald

Viewed On: July 9,2010
Viewed With: Tina
Recommendation: Great. Go see it with a date or a friend or even your kids...nothing too racy about this one. Action without gore. Love without sex or nudity. It was fun.

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