Saturday, July 10, 2010

She's Out of my League

I had wanted to see this movie in the theater when it came out but for one reason or another I just never got around to it. What a mistake. I saw so many shit movies this past year and this would have been one I actually wouldn't have minded paying $10 for.

It's about a guy (who believes he's a "6") that meets a girl (who is a hard "10") and can't understand why she says yes to dating him. That's it...the whole gist. But as the movie goes on it's not boring, dull, or corny. It actually goes into some of the insecurities that they both face without ruining the rest of the movie. Their serious moments are real and their not so serious moments are laughable...out front of others not just a little chuckle inside.

They start making out and he spooges in his pants right before her parents walk in. I've actually had this happen before...but my date didn't have the dog liking his cumstain in front of my dad! That was awful and hilarious! He ends up running out on her family and they stop talking for a few days. In order for her to even begin to think about forgiving him he has to tell her the truth..."I came in my pants and didn't want the whole family to see the stain that the dog was licking". You couldn't make that up! And she forgave him...dork that he is. I would have too.

His friends are great. I am a little in love with all 4 of the group. They seem like guys who went to my high school not movie actors playing roles which I like. Between them and his family...that's where you get all the dramedy. Mrs. Foreman is his mom for crying out loud! She evens makes her happy squish face and jumps up and down for joy. I hated the ex-girlfriend. She was just a bit over the top and if the film could've been a little cheesy it was because of her (i think she was one of the chicks from Sabrina the Teenage Witch!)

I laughed the entire time...would see it again...and it reaffirmed my belief that a comedy does not need to star Seth Rogan or Vince Vaughnin or the guys from The Hangover in order to be deemed hysterical. In fact, most of those guys are highly overrated at times. Give me Paul Rudd or Jason Bateman or the dude from EastBound and Down...that's where it's at.

She's Out of my League
Directed By: Jim Fields Smith
Written By: Sean Anders & John Morris
Opened On: March 12, 2010

Jay Baruchel Kirk
Alice Eve Molly
TJ Miller Stainer
Mike Vogel Jack
Nate Torrence Devon
Lindsay Sloane Marnie

Viewed On : July 3, 2010
Viewed With: Alone
Recommendation: See it. You won't regret it. I'll probably buy it at some point just so I can watch it at my own leisure...

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