Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

When I was thirteen Pretty Woman came out. I told my parents I was going to see whatever PG rated movie was playing but instead my friends and I would sneak into the theater and see a movie about a prostitute turned princess who is swept off her feet by Richard Gere. No joke I think I saw it 10 times in a month. I am somehwat ashamed of it now because I lied and cheated a little but whatever...I was thirteen for crying out loud! And ever since then Julia Roberts was an actress whose movies I saw simply because I loved her. I think that most of America felt the same way. Some of us endured Mary Reily and Dying Young...(I feel I am owed for those two)

I had heard a bit about her latest movie Eat, Pray, Love because the book was supposedly this motivating story of a woman's brave journey through one timultous year of her life where she makes a decision to get lost in the world and ultimately find herself in the process.

Now, I am not a woman who digs risk. I am what I would consider a low-risk individual...I don't really like to gamble...I am only spontaeous to a point...I never get too deep into something I can't get myself out of...but I am also not a person who has found herself in a crisis. Even though I admired this woman's courage for getting up and leaving all that was bad in her life in order to find the good again, I did not walk out of there feeling like I needed to go out and make a monumental change in my own. I could see how reading the book and even seeing the movie may do this for others who are a little lost but for me I just got to enjoy a lovely story about this woman's discovery of herself.

Now the places she traveled to were inspiring to me! I would KILL to spend a few months in Italy! And I'd do it just as she did...eating and drinking my way through the country side! What a joy that must've been...I loved her apartment and her landlady! If I had the money it would be a dream of mine to travel all over the world and live among all different types of people and enjoy discovering, sightseeing, immersing myself in a world that wasn't familiar.

India isn't first on my list of places to go. It seems dirty and over-populated and HOT...I guess I would never say no to a new experience without trying first but seriously...I wouldn't want to go home with collera or something and I feel like this is the place to get it! But in order to get through a hard time you need to hang onto something or someone that is going through the same thing you are. Richard Jenkins plays a man from Texas who is also trying hard to forgive himself for his life going wrong and he helps our heroine see that she needs to look a little deeper in order to disover why she is so unhappy so she will be able to fix it. He's an incredibly talented actor. I love him.

And finally Bali. I can't imagine a more beautiful place to round out the year. And if I lived in that house and spent half my time with Ketut, the toothless medicine man and the other half with Javier Bardem I would've jumped at the chance. Her only mishap was not sleeping with Aussie Hottie David Lyons ( this guy who wanted to skinny dip with her and she laughed and went home...fool...I mean come on he was just what the doctor ordered)

I thought it was a great movie...She was funny, charming, heartbroken, lost, confident and free...I liked it a lot and would recommend that all those women out there should have a few drinks with their girlfriends and go see it. But leave the dudes at home because most men who value their testosterone levels wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

Eat, Pray, Love
Driected By: Ryan Murphy
Written By: Ryan Murphy & Jennifer Salt
Based on the book written by Elizabeth Gilbert
Released on: August 13, 2010

Julia Roberts Liz
Viola Davis Delia
Javier Bardem Felipe
James Franco David

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Recommendation: Women should see it but guys would be a little bored.

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